• The entire site is subject to printing errors and price changes.

  • DKDELID does not replace missing packages, all replacements take place at shipping companies, such as. GLS or PostNord. It is recommended to use insured packaging.

  • Packages sent to us must be securely packaged.

  • The service is 100% harmless. Should the CPU/GPU/NVME be damaged during the process it will be replaced with a similar model.

  • FULL 2 YEAR WARRANTY on the Delid/GPU Repaste/NVME heatsink mount service. Should any problems arise regarding the services, they will be fixed free of charge. (This is not a warranty/guarentee on the CPU/GPU/NVME itself.)

  • Delid.dk do not sell CPU/GPU/NVME’s and do not offer any extended warranty on the CPU/GPU/NVME products that are handled.

  • If the CPU/GPU/NVME needs to be sent to delid.dk under warranty of the reclamation of the service, delid will send a freight return label to the customer or in case of foreign freight, reimbursement for the standard postage ( incl. adequate insurance ) if needed, delid.dk does not pay for extra delivery costs.

Terms of Service