CPU Delid Service


CPU Delid Service

from 199.95

Includes 2 Year Warranty on the service.
If it says “unavailable” it means the IHS is incompatible with the CPU Model.
Pick your CPU Model and if you want a Custom IHS mounted (strongly recommended).
’Standard’ means the original IHS will be glued back on with silicone.
Only Skylake-X CPU’s can use the Copper-X IHS.

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Pick your CPU model and IHS. “None” under IHS means your original IHS will be used for the delid.

Curious about the delidding process? Read more here.

Pick an IHS
For all 9th Generation CPU’s (9000 series), the IHS is a 9th Gen Copper IHS with Nickel Plating.
For Skylake-X CPU’s the IHS is a Copper-X IHS.
For everything else the IHS is a Copper IHS with Nickel Plating.

Temperature expectancy
Peak core temperatures under a heavy overclocked load typically decrease anywhere from 15°C to 25°C when delidded for processors with PTIM (Intel 3rd through 8th generation), and 3°C to 7°C for processors with STIM (Intel 9th generation).

Once received, it generally takes 1 business day for service to be completed. Assuming GLS ship both ways, the total turn around time is typically about 3-5 business days within Denmark, mileage may vary depending on international shipping. It’s recommended to send your CPU on a Monday for the fastest shipping. For custom express delivery please contact.
Is your shipping option missing for your country, please contact and we will add an option within a day.
Send your CPU to the following Address:
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