Price list:


CPU Delid: Pricing starts at 199,95 DKK but it varies per model. Check CPU Delid Service.

GPU Repaste: Pricing starts at 249 DKK, but it varies per model. Check Graphics Card Repaste Service. (Includes dust cleaning).

Mounting and buying the NVME m.2 Honey Comb Heatsink: 169,95 DKK + 50 DKK.


Copper IHS (Nickel Plated): 219,95 DKK for 8th Gen Intel and below, 239,95 DKK for 9th Gen Intel.

Copper-X IHS for Skylake-X: 309,95

Honeycomb m.2 NVME Copper Heatsink: 169,95 DKK.

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Thermal Paste 1g: 84,95 DKK.

Hardware mounting in PC :

NVME mounting in PC: 50 DKK.

CPU mounting in PC: 100 DKK. (Kryonaut is used)

Graphics Card mounting in PC: 50 DKK.

Offers for hardware mounting:

Both NVME mounting + Graphics Card mounting 74,95 DKK. (25% discount)

CPU/NVME/Graphics Card mounting: 149,95 DKK (25% discount)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact.

Delid Service

Come in with your CPU personally in Søborg, or send it and get it delidded, in a safe way. It takes about 1 hour.
If your CPU is brand new, check if it works before shipping.
Packages must be properly wrapped. We make sure your CPU will be securely wrapped and shipped to you with Track & Trace.
The CPU will be set to dry under pressure for 4 hours before it is sent to you.

  1. The Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) is removed from the CPU using methods that are completely risk-free and complete damage-free (delid tools). Modules and connectors on the CPU board are coated with liquid electrical tape.

  2. Standard thermal paste or solder is replaced with Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut (Liquid Metal) which is the absolute best thermal paste for delidding.

  3. The Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) is sealed in place with high temperature silicone glue and is sealed with the correct pressure. Silicone glue is not permanent ie. The CPU can be delidded again if desired.

  • The Delidding Service is compatible with all INTEL and AMD CPUs that use thermal paste between the Silicon chip and IHS which includes a number of popular CPUs that are included in the following codenames and product names: Ryzen 2 APU, Intel Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Devil's Canyon, Broadwell, Skylake, Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake CPUs.
    Furthermore the 9th generation of Intels soldered CPU’s are deliddable aswell as the soldered 3rd Generation of Ryzen.

  • Temperature improvements vary depending on the specific CPU. Temperatures on a overclocked can provide a variation of temperature improvements between 5 ° C to 25 ° C. Soldered variants improvements are about 4-9 ° C.


  1. Standard CPU with cheap thermal paste and large spacing between CPU and IHS.

  2. Delidded CPU with Liquid metal as thermal paste and less space between CPU and IHS.

  3. Delid + Copper IHS, even less space between CPU and IHS and greater surface area on top of IHS.